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Core & Advance Python Industrial Training

Python is a high level language which is widely used for general purpose programming as it integrates with systems more effectively. It runs on all the operating system like Windows ,Linux /Unix and Mac OS etc. It has also been ported to the NET and Java virtual machines. As it has an open source license, it is free to use for commercial products. With the use of Python, programmers can progress a particular function in lesser lines of codes as compared to other programming languages. Also, it enhances the read ability of the code as compared to other programming languages. Also, it enhances the read ability of the code. It helps to programs of large scale programs easily and compactly. Python supports different programming paradigms like object oriented, functional procedural and imperative styles. It boasts of an automatic memory management and dynamic type of system. It vast and comprehensive library lets programmers to develop and program easily. It is widely used as a scripting language but can also be used in large non scripting programs. WIndowIT Provides Best live projects based python inudstrial training in chandigarh mohali


  1. Introduction & Installation
  2. Python Syntax
  3. Variables and data types
  4. Data type Conversion
  5. Operators
  6. Conditional Statements
  7. Working with Number& Strings
  8. Collections API
  9. Date and Time
  10. Function and Modules
  11. Peer to Peer Communication
  12. Exception Handling
  13. OOPS Concepts in Python
  14. Regular Expression
  15. Advance Python
  16. Database Connectivity
  17. Web Development frameworks Flask
  18. Live Project Work

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