Six Week Marketing Training in Mohali

Do you want to choose career in marketing?

If yes, then WindowIT will make you familiar with all terms related to marketing specialization. In recent years MBA in marketing has become one of the more desired degree by both employers and students. With the advancement in digital and online marketing , most businesses have their own in house marketing teams that specialize in bringing the more clients to the business. So for six week marketing training in Mohali you can join WindowIT.

In colleges we are just suppose to study theory part. But when we move in the corporate world all they want is practical knowledge. In those cases whatever we have studied all in vain. WindowIT will helps you to make your grip on practical and to make you capable to compete with corporate world. Once you come to know about practical aspects of marketing then no power can stop you to get a good job or to start your own venture.

WindowIT covers the following modules of marketing:

  1. Marketing concepts
  2. Basic marketing/fundamentals of marketing
  3. Advertising and public relations
  4. Indian economy
  5. Market analysis
  6. SWOT analysis
  7. Leadership strategies
  8. Customer relation manager
  9. Customer handling
  10. Leads generation
  11. Maintaining negotiation attributes
  12. Marketing strategies
  13. Issues and developments in marketing
  14. Product knowledge
  15. Case studies
  16. Telemarketing
  17. Retailing
  18. Off line and digital marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM)
  19. Sales presentations
  20. Customer retention programme
  21. CRM
  22. Managing the sales pipeline
  23. Body language
  24. Listening skills
  25. Target meet
  26. Deal closing
  27. Project work

These all above are major concepts of marketing and the most demanding requirement of companies. Without clarification of these we can’t be able to enter in market. If we talk about the scope of marketing then it has the wider scope. Every company or organization wants to make their goodwill in market. This goodwill is not possible without marketing. Marketing works as a blood for organisation. Company earns revenue through marketing strategies. If you have any new product and you haven’t launched your product in market then you can’t make place in market. If you are choosing marketing as a career then you have large scope of advancement. MBA in marketing can increase the chances of receiving promotion. MBA program helps to qualify graduates for management and executive positions.

Marketing executives are paid highly as compare to others because

  • Marketing increases the visibility of brand of company.
  • It helps the customer to take purchase decision quickly.
  • It helps to improve brand awareness and recognition.
  • It helps to position your business as an expert in your industry.
  • Marketing creates loyalty and trust, with your current customers and prospective customers.
  • Marketing helps to generate traffic to business website to lead generation.
  • It helps to develop lasting relationships with your audience.
  • It opens a channel of communication through comments and social shares.

Marketing is all about finding and keeping customers. Every company has two basic functions marketing and innovation. MBA in marketing helps you to choose your career in Banking, Consultancy, Retail, FMCG, Entertainment, Tourism, Advertising, Textile, Education and  many more. Every sector requires marketing agents. Without marketing no business can even think to stand. Marketing is the core centre of any business. If you want to compete in market then you need to adopt marketing strategies.

The main functions of marketing are below:

 Product/service management

 Marketing function involves developing, obtaining, maintaining and improving a product that meet the consumer needs.


pricing4 (1)







This is the most important function of marketing. To set the price according to the product and service which customer can buy easily. Suppose if you set very high price and customers are not able to buy that then there is no mean of product and pricing.


Determine the best ways for customers to locate, obtain and use the products and services of an organization. It involves moving the product from the design idea to the consumer.









It involves budgeting for marketing activities and obtaining the necessary funds needed for operations and providing financial assistance to customers so that they can purchase the business products and service. Financing is the main function of marketing. Because with the help of money we can run our business, if you are unable to manage finance then it leads to business loss directly.

Marketing information management

This is very must because if you are about to launching the product in specific geography. Then it becomes very important to understand the needs of customers, their interests. Accordingly business can determine what product they can sell at what price and in which location.


Selling generates the business of company. Product is distributed among retailers and they further sell it to customers which ultimately generates business to company.








Every business needs to promote their product. If they will not do that then they will not be able to achieve that. Promotion of product through advertising, personal selling, publicity is very important.

WindowIT helps you to know all the facts and make you expert in practical terms. When you will complete your  MBA marketing training  you will be able to:

  1. Handle shareholders in a firm
  2. Able to manage and maintain long term relationships with different units externally as well as internally
  3. Present themselves confidently in from of the marketing employer
  4. Understand logistic management
  5. Understand supply chain management
  6. Understand the role of different units in the firm and their interdependence on and for marketing

So if you want to indulge these all skills in you then come and join WindowIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Mohali and be the part of competent world.