Most of the growing IT companies are facing the problems with regards to employing expert work force. All the graduates are not Industry-prepared thus making it ideal for creating strong bridge among academic and company by concentrating on the standards of corporate world and connecting the educational curriculum with industry prerequisites. The Six Weeks Industrial Training in WindowIT is right way to prepare understudies for professional world.

WindowIT offers six month industrial training of various courses to students from domain B.Tech, BCA, BE, Bsc, Msc and MCA. During the training period trainers of WindowIT convey practical knowledge, and share their technical experience with students. We help to prepare the understudies toward challenges of company as they face interviews very confidently. Therefore, students who understand things practically are easily employed by company.

The main objective of this training period is not simply providing training certificates to understudies but it means to give them practical knowledge and experience thus understudies can develop independently their own projects.